Embryo Injection System


   Injection Software


The automation and engineering component of the BDTNP is currently developing instruments and methods to automate our data collection methods, including an automated Drosophila embryo injector and a Drosophila sorting robot:

  • The automated Drosophila embryo injection system is capable of injecting nearly as successfully and rapidly as an experienced human operator, but without the fatigue factor that limits the number of injections that an operator can perform per day. Since it injects horizontally, it is capable of depositing biological materials to the poles as well as along the length of the embryo. Therefore, it is applicable not only for high throughput generation of transgenic animals but also for RNAi screening.

  • The Drosophila sorting robot can be used to sort flys at a rate of 4 seconds per fly. With this method around 90% of the flies are identified with 99% accuracy.