3. Physical Views:

In all Physical Views different 3D or 2D models of the embryo are created. Physical Views allow a qualitative analysis of gene expression values using color as well as a quantitative analysis of gene expression values via Expression Surfaces. Physical Views also make it possible to compare the spatial expression pattern of different genes. 3D physical views provide an intuitive and natural visualization of the data and provide an impression of the morphology of the embryo. To view expression in all cells, however, the user needs to rotate the embryo in the 3D views. Therefore, several 2D physical representations of the embryo have been created which allow a faster overview of all cells. The 2D physical views also support Expression Surfaces which provide a more quantitative and detailed view on the data than possible when gene expression values are shown just via color. The user manual for the physical views is structured as follows:

3.1  The Views: This page gives a brief overview of all available physical views and their main properties.

3.2 Mouse/ Keyboard Functions, and Properties: Here the mouse and keyboard functions as well as the properties window of the physical views and the "About this PointCloud" window are described.

3.3  Expression Surfaces: Here Expression Surfaces and how to use them are explained.

Additional control of the physical views are available in the Gene and Color Selection Window available in a tab in the left part of the Main Window.