BasicDisplayWidget Class Reference

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class  LastFilter
class  LastKnownPosition

Public Slots

void update_x_resolution (int)
void update_x_view (int)
void update_highlight (int, int)
void change_sequence_focus (QStringList)
void refresh ()
void selected_tracks_changed (DataTrackWidget *)
void execute_search_filter (SearchFilterEvent *)
void clear_search_filter ()
void zoom_track_height (const string)
void move_track_order (const string)
void show_hide_track (GVec *, QString, bool)
void update_track_graphics (GraphicsEvent *)
void prefs_changed ()
void receive_info (InfoEvent *)


void range_changed (long, long)
void attributes_changed (QStringList *)
void track_selection_change (DataTrackWidget *)
void sequence_changed (QString)
void new_info (InfoEvent *)

Public Member Functions

 BasicDisplayWidget (Preferences *preferences=0, GraphFactory *graph_fact=0, QWidget *parent=0)
void add_gvec (GVec *)
void remove_gvec (GVec *)
QStringList get_sequence_focus ()
long get_vertical_cursor_position ()
QStringList get_highlight_names ()
GVecGFFget_highlight (QString)
void set_preferences (Preferences *)
void jump_to (long)
void centered_jump_to (long)

Protected Member Functions

void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *)
DataTrackGroupfind_track_group (DataTrackWidget *)

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