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TrackNameDrawable YAxisDrawable

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Public Member Functions

 Drawable (float x=0, float y=0)
virtual void draw_me (QPainter *, GVec *, Preferences *)=0
virtual bool contains (int x, int y)=0
virtual void translate (float, float)
virtual void event (DrawableGraphicsEvent *)
virtual QString class_name ()=0
virtual QString display_name ()=0
virtual void get_rect (QRect &)=0
void double_clicked ()
bool is_selected ()
bool is_visible ()
virtual void translate_left (const QRect &)
virtual void translate_right (const QRect &)
virtual void translate_hcenter (const QRect &)
virtual void translate_top (const QRect &)
virtual void translate_bottom (const QRect &)
virtual void translate_vcenter (const QRect &)

Protected Attributes

float dx
float dy
float ur_x
float ur_y
float w
float h
bool selected
bool visible

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