FilePreferences Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  FeatureFilter { DISABLED, INCLUDE, EXCLUDE }

Public Member Functions

 FilePreferences (QString fn=QString(), bool oos=false, FeatureFilter ffs=DISABLED, QString gt=QString(), QString rn1=QString(), QString rn1_id=QString(), QString rn2=QString(), QString rn2_id=QString(), QString rn2_parent=QString(), QString rn3=QString(), QString rn3_parent=QString())
QString feature_filter_state_text ()
FeatureFilter feature_filter_state_from_text (QString)
string to_string ()

Public Attributes

QString file_name
bool open_on_startup
FeatureFilter feature_filter_state
vector< QString > feature_filter_terms
QString graph_type
bool has_alt_transcripts
QString rel_node1
QString rel_node1_id
QString rel_node2
QString rel_node2_id
QString rel_node2_parent
QString rel_node3
QString rel_node3_parent

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