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class  MapRecord

Public Member Functions

 GVecMap (QString, GVec *parent=0)
 GVecMap (QString, QString, GVec *parent=0)
GVec::vtype get_type ()
void push_back (GVecMap::MapRecord *)

Member Function Documentation

GVec::vtype GVecMap::get_type (  )  [virtual]

Sometimes it's important to know what class type of GVec on is working with, for instance, when choosing a graph type to match. This method was included to help avoid casting (dynamic or otherwise) and returns the value of the GVec::vtype enum defined in GVec. Of course, this only works if a GVec inheriting class actually creates a new enum type and implements this method-- it's not required too!

So, this is just a convenience and certainly not as reliable as explicitly checking a GVec's type, for instance, with a dynamic cast.

Here the value UNKNOWN is always returned.

Reimplemented from GVec.

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