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 GVecMulti (QString file_name, GVec *parent)
 GVecMulti (QString file_name, QString node_name, GVec *parent)
GVec::vtype get_type ()
void push_back (string biosource)
void push_back_map (string, string *, size_t)
void push_back_fasta_source (QString)
void push_back_seq (string, string, string, long)
size_t fasta_source_size ()
QString pop_back_fasta_source ()
GVecget_gvec ()
void get_keys (list< QString > &)

Member Function Documentation

void GVecMulti::get_keys ( list< QString > &  keys  ) 

Starting from this object, recursively follow parents until reaching the root node, adding the node names onto the list argument.

The nodes are added to the front, ie. the root node name will be first in the list and the name from which the method's originally called, the last.

a list onto which node names can be stored

Reimplemented from GVec.

GVec::vtype GVecMulti::get_type (  )  [virtual]

Sometimes it's important to know what class type of GVec on is working with, for instance, when choosing a graph type to match. This method was included to help avoid casting (dynamic or otherwise) and returns the value of the GVec::vtype enum defined in GVec. Of course, this only works if a GVec inheriting class actually creates a new enum type and implements this method-- it's not required too!

So, this is just a convenience and certainly not as reliable as explicitly checking a GVec's type, for instance, with a dynamic cast.

Here the value UNKNOWN is always returned.

Reimplemented from GVec.

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