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GVecBed::BedRecord GVecDelimited::DelimitedRecord GVecFasta::FastaRecord GVecGFF::GFFRecord GVecMap::MapRecord GVecMultiFasta::MultiFastaRecord

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Public Member Functions

 Record (long, real=0.0)

Public Attributes

long start
real score

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GVec::Record::Record ( long  start_pos,
real  value = 0.0 

Constructor for GVec::Record. This is currently the simplest form of a GVec::Record, being extended by most classes inheriting GVec. It's debatable, however, whether even score should be removed from the definition here. Thus far, there's been no substantial memory penatly for leaving it in.

start_pos a base pair position
value a score

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