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BedReader DelimitedReader FastaReader GFFReader MultiAlignMapReader MultiAlignReader MultiFastaReader SGRReader WIGReader

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Public Member Functions

 Reader (QString, int pos=0, FilePreferences *fp=0)
virtual GVecget_gvec ()=0
void read ()
bool eof ()
bool error ()
size_t error_count ()
void clear_errors ()
ReadExceptionget_exception (size_t)
bool has_more ()
int get_start_next_part ()
GVec::vtype get_type_next_part ()
void abort_read ()

Protected Member Functions

void run ()
virtual void read_file ()=0
bool exclude_filter (string)
bool include_filter (string)
void parse_ucsc_desc (string, int, map< string, string > &)
string get_ucsc_desc_key (string, int)
string get_ucsc_desc_val (string, int)

Protected Attributes

QString file_name
ifstream * in
bool abort
QMutex mutex
vector< ReadException * > errors
bool(Reader::* feature_filter )(string)
bool is_twofer
int more_start_position
GVec::vtype more_type

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