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DataTrackWidget TrackWidget

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Public Member Functions

 SequenceTrackWidget (GVec *, Preferences *prefs=0, QWidget *parent=0)
QString type_name ()
GraphControlsWidgetget_graph_controls_widget ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString name ()

Protected Member Functions

void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *)
void type_specific_graphics_event (GraphTypeSpecificGraphicsEvent *)

Member Function Documentation

GraphControlsWidget * SequenceTrackWidget::get_graph_controls_widget (  )  [virtual]

Graphs are likely to have control mechanisms that are particular to how they render data. For instance, in a histogram one would like to be able to set the bin size. The GraphControlsWidget class provides a mechanism for a graph to implement such controls. This method would be used to retrieve the track specific widget.

In left unimplemented, this default returns 0.

See also:
DataTrackWidget::type_specific_graphics_event( GraphTypeSpecificGraphicsEvent* )

Reimplemented from DataTrackWidget.

void SequenceTrackWidget::type_specific_graphics_event ( GraphTypeSpecificGraphicsEvent  )  [protected, virtual]

Set graphics events generated via GraphControlsWidget objects.

See also:
DataTrackWidget::get_graph_controls_widget( )

Reimplemented from DataTrackWidget.

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