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Berkeley Quantitative Genome Browser User Manual

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Building and Installing BQGB


BQGB may be obtained either as source code, a Apple OSX binary or a MS Win32 binary from this site's index page. Updates are regularly posted, about once every couple of weeks to once every few months depending on what work is being done. The last three releases are available online, just in case new work has broken previously working features.

The instructions below may not be as recent as those found in the INSTALL file packaged with the source code distribution. Any discrepancies should defer to the instructions in the INSTALL file.

Build and install from source code (preferred)

To compile from source code you will need:

The BQGB build is accomplished via make and a Makefile. However, instead of generating configuration scripts and makefiles via autoconf and automake, Trolltech's qmake tool is used to generate a Qt .pro file. The .pro file contains Qt specific dependencies and configuration options as well as a list of the header and source files that come with the BQGB download. Next, qmake is run on the .pro file to generate (1) Qt's moc_ source and header files and (2) a Makefile that will compile the whole show. The moc (meta-object compiler) are c++ files that are the result of preprocessing the Qt macros in the original source files. More and more detailed explanations of qmake and the meta-object compiler can be found in the Qt documentation available from Trolltech. At any rate, after running qmake, BQGB is compiled via make.

Currently BQGB does not come with a .pro file. While this may change in the future, it's not terribly difficult to generate this file via the following steps:

(1) From within the bbrowser directory issue the following command:

shell$ qmake -project

This will produce a file name I recommend creating a directory under bbrowser named something like "temp" and adding the following lines near the top of, for intance right under the INCLUDEPATH definition:

MOC_DIR = ./temp
OBJECTS_DIR = ./temp
QT += xml
RESOURCES = ./bbrowser.qrc

This will provide a place to write Qt's moc files and the c++ object files and generally keep the directory structure cleaner.

(2) Now:

shell$ qmake

This command produces a makefile from the file.


shell$ make

That's it for the moment. The BQGB executable, bbrowser, should be in the bbrowser directory. It can be moved manually or executed from where it is.

Install pre-built binary (OSX and MS Windows)

Binaries for OSX and MS Windows are also available and should be trivial to install. Just unzip the download file. One note for Win32 users: if you're reinstalling the browser, you may find that the OS has trouble finding the dll files packaged with the BQGB download. You'll need to force the OS to search the application directory for those dlls by setting the %PATH% environment variable, for instance by issuing a command such as:

%PATH = /path/to/bbrowser/dir/with/dlls;%PATH%

from the command prompt.

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