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Project Goals

The BDTNP is currently focused on the the gene expression network in the D. melanogaster pregastrula embryo. We are analyzing 37 maternal and zygotic transcription factors as the principal regulators of the embryonic pattern formation transcriptional cascade. The 3D gene expression project aims to use gene expression data to help identify the regulatory relationship between these transcription factors and their taget genes and integrate this information with other data to help model the network.

Our immediate data collection goals are:

  1. The mRNA and protein expression patterns of the 37 principal regulatory transcription factors at multiple time points between stage 4d and stage 5 100%.

  2. The mRNA expression patterns for several hundred putative target genes of the principal regulatory factors that are shown to be bound by these factors in the BDTNP's ChIP/chip experiments.

  3. The mRNA expression patterns driven by cis-egulatory modules bound by these 37 regulators in transgenic embryos.

  4. The mRNA and protein expression patterns of selected genes in other Drosophilids.