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Registration Methods: PointCloudAlign

Each PointCloud gives a snapshot of spatial expression levels for two or three gene products in a given embryo at a given developmental time point. To meaningfully analyze expression data from multiple PointClouds it is necessary to identify homologous nuclei in different embryos. This is made difficult due to variations in blastoderm shape and size and the lack of distinctive morphological keypoints.

PointCloudAlign utilizes a registration marker gene (typically ftz or eve mRNA patterns) in order to align each PointCloud with a standard morphological template. Once a set of PointClouds have been aligned with the model, expression measurements can be transferred onto the template to yield a VirtualEmbryo that may include aligned expression patterns for 10s or 100s of genes (Fowlkes et al, 2008). VirtualEmbryo expression data is stored in essentially the same file format as individual PointCloud, described here, and can be easily visualized with PointCloudXplore.